This branding project involves changing the entire branding identity of a Toronto-based VR arcade called Levelup Reality. The arcade allows players to pay to play VR games from a decent library, where they can choose their preferred games. Additionally, they offer team building experiences to promote the joy of VR gaming. The goal for this branding was to create a logo that people can feel and enter, just like anything in virtual reality. This was achievable through the help of 2 designers in animation and 3D. In addition, with the AI Midjourney, my vision for this VR arcade branding came to life.
A logo created by Midjourney of a castle on a globe.
World by Midjourney.
World by Midjourney.
AI generated world of a futristic city.
AI generated world inspired by Atlantis.
3D shot of levelup logo.
3D shot of levelup logo.
3D shot of levelup logo.
3D shot of levelup logo.
Levelup Arcade main logo.
Desert logo variation.
Modern city logo variation.
Jungle logo variation.
Earth logo variation.
3 Logo variations of Levelup Arcade.
3 logo variation of Levelup Arcade.
Storefront of VR arcade.
Billboard of Levelup Arcade
Social Media mockup of Levelup Arcade.
Levelup Arcade clothe mockup.
I decided to remove unnecessary words from the company’s current logo and replace it with one word, “arcade”. This change makes it clear and simple that the services offered are related to games. I approached the new logo of Levelup in three ways. Given that we are in the digital world, the metaverse, and all that, I decided to use AI, which has been talked about a lot lately. After working on my prompts, my favourite pieces were a specific type of world on a globe, using a polygon/geometric style for each. This design allows for many animation opportunities and different worlds for various games. In addition, still using Midjourney, I prompted some VR players that each match a logo variation created to bring this company and logo to life, pushing the narrative of the metaverse, virtual, what is real and not real.
VR player in Zombie land.
VR player in desert.
VR Player in jungle.
VR player in castle.
VR player in city.
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