The aim of this project was to redesign the packaging of an ibuprofen bottle, which currently lacks any design or character. The pharmaceutical industry is known for its plain, white aesthetic, so my goal was to inject some colour into the product without overwhelming or confusing the diverse target audience, which ranges from ages 12 and up.

To ensure that the colour palette was easy to distinguish across all ages, I opted for a neutral, nude palette, with deeper shades indicating stronger dosages. As there are legal requirements for information to be displayed on the packaging, I decided to incorporate it onto a wrap-around label that could be kept for reference. This label is easy to store in any bathroom and serves as a reminder of dosage information for those who may forget.
Ibuprofen Pill bottle outline.
Ibuprofen photoshoot
Ibuprofen photoshoot
Ibuprofen Pills Shot.
As most people tend to overlook the fine print on packaging, my decision was to keep the necessary information on a removable label rather than on the physical bottle at all times. My target audience was people who appreciate the aesthetics of their surroundings, and I wanted the bottle to serve as a design piece that could be placed anywhere, at home or on the go. To achieve this, I collaborated with a 3D artist whose design aligned perfectly with my vision for the bottle, resulting in a unique, visually appealing product.

With the final 3D design, I used a 3D printer to create mockups that feature a twist mechanism to secure the ibuprofen within the bottles. The size of the bottle is compact enough for convenience on the go while remaining functional and stylish.
Ibuprofen photoshoot
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