In order to create an eye-catching design that would generate more interest in Daphne Oram, I drew inspiration from modern EDM and electro music and incorporated bold colours and geometric shapes. I chose the Flegrei typeface to represent her album title on both design pieces, as it embodied shapes that were reminiscent of her work. I used blending paths to incorporate sound waves into the design, which created a 3D effect and spelled out the word “SOUND.”

In her album, Oram included variations of the same sound/song that became deeper in sound as the next song played, creating layers within the same tune. I wanted to represent this by layering the elements of my poster design. For the vinyl records, I used die-cuts on the front and back to allow viewers to see the inner layer, which was the jacket of the vinyl. To further emphasize the importance of the vinyl itself, I opted for a transparent jacket that revealed the true masterpiece of Daphne Oram’s work within the vinyl.
Electronic Sound Pattern concert poster.
Record vinyl inspired by Daphne Oram.
Record vinyl inspired by Daphne Oram.
Daphne Oram was a British composer and electronic musician who was born on December 31, 1925, and passed away on January 3, 2003. Although she initially seemed like a fun and eclectic artist, my research revealed that she was actually the “Mother of EDM.” She created her own unique sound using the Oramics machine, which she developed to create music from lines and dots on a film sheet. Despite her remarkable talent, Oram did not receive the recognition she deserved, largely due to the fact that women were still fighting for recognition at the time.
Picture of Daphne Oram.
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