This poster design is to represent the Vernissage of the Graphic Design graduates at Dawson College. The concept was “Expand”, I felt like this year, we are a particular group of designers, having done the program online and in person, it helped us think outside the box when it came to creating our designs.
Expand Poster
Robot AI Variation
Robot AI Variation
Robot AI 1
AI generated image of a robot.
AI generated image of a robot in purple armor.
AI generated image of a robot in all white.
VR world by Midjourney.
My vision was to create a collage that represent the speed and direction we are going towards I regards to design, digital work and AI. I wanted to represent how we as designer expand our tools of design such as industrial design, 3D printing and AI. I want to show how as designer, we can still create pieces alongside AI like Midjouney. I wanted a futuristic type, so I took the Formula1 typeface and create the title using glyphs. I was able to create a logo with just the 2 letters, “EX”.

As I was working, I wanted to have small elements that would make the piece visually pop. The use of colourful gradient shapes provided stark contrast to the black & white designs.
AI generated image of a robot woman.
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I am always open for new projects and if you have any questions in regards to potential work, do not hesitate! I am always open for any other questions as well, whether it be my career, questions about schooling, I am open! Let’s talk!