I was tasked with creating a coffee table book for Joseph Beuys, incorporating his personality and performance art. I wanted to highlight some of his pieces that stood out, such as the dead hare, which became a centrepiece for the book. To achieve this, I 3D-printed a gold hare on the bookcase. The dead hare makes a statement and invites people to further discover the world of Joseph Beuys.

The art movement that Joseph Beuys founded inspired the title of my design, “Trust the Process.” He used different mediums that were not common at the time, such as animal fat, which led to my decision to incorporate 3D printing into the bookcase design. By doing so, I was able to represent Joseph Beuys as an artist and figure of the world of art while incorporating my own design style.
Golden 3D printed Hare.
The book design of Joseph Beuys.
Book Design half way in the book case.
Book Design Shot.
The layout of the Table of contents of the book designed by Kestrel Villapando.
Book Mockup of Joseph Beuys
Book Mockup of Joseph Beuys
Book Mockup of Joseph Beuys
Born on May 12, 1921, in Krefeld, Germany, Joseph Beuys was a German artist, teacher, performance artist, and art theorist. As a graphic designer, I initially had no idea who he was and did not feel a connection with the project. However, I began the process by researching his life, biography, and upbringing. I learned that he went through a lot and was even a part of the Nazi regime. However, his perspective changed after he was captured. This research allowed me to understand Joseph better and better understand his way of life and thinking.

Further research into his artwork revealed that Joseph Beuys greatly emphasized the process of creating art. He also founded the art movement called Flux, which encouraged artists to showcase the process of their pieces alongside the end result, creating discussions among the art community. His performance pieces reflected his views of society and challenged the public with unexpected elements.
A picture of Joseph Beuys.
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